Tune of the 49th

Up and coming Seattle band (and good pals of mine), Washington Mile, asked me to direct and shoot their first music video / promo for their debut album Simple Hearts. I gladly accepted and after hours and hours and hours ... and hours, here is the final product! I had wonderful ladies, Kira and Danya, help me with the filming day. AND my beautiful and lovely baby sister, Cassandra acting as the girl. I loved making this even though it was hard work. I can't wait for future projects like this!

Listen to great tunes from Washington Mile.


Charlie Darwin

In honor of the stop motion project I have been working on countless hours... Here is a beautiful, whimsical song set to an equally beautiful, whimsical stop motion video.

I love you and goodnight.


Kailynn Josephine

Bright and early at 6:34am on March 11th 2010, my precious beautiful niece, Kailynn Josephine Ong was born. Neisha was a Warrior Momma, bringing Kailynn into the world after over 20 hours of labor! I love Kailynn, Sean and Neisha Ong and CANNOT wait to see them in May!! I WANT TO HOLD YOU MY SNUGGLE BUG!