We Love You So

So, it's One O'clock in the morning and I am, of course, procrastinating and decide to check out the Where the Wild Things Are blog - We Love You So. They always update and have really really neat posts. So I'm scrolling down and when all of a random sudden, who do I see? MYSELF. I cannot believe this. I would try to maintain a "cool" demeanor about it but... I AM SO HAPPY and in shock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please check it out here. This is the picture they used. Happy!


Sunday Haiku

Build us a tree house-
we'll climb to the top while rain
loosens soil beneath


Jars of Pie

For quite a few weeks now I have been craving to make pies-in-jars. I saw this project on Our Best Bites and fell in love (i fall in love quite often and with various types of things and people). Finally, this weekend, i found the perfect set of jars. Today, amidst massive amounts of homework, projects, and busyness, I baked 7 little jars of pie! It was splendid! It was also the first time I baked with my vintage cherry apron i found a few weeks ago. Wearing an apron while baking is somehow more enjoyable than wearing an apron while cooking (even though they are both enjoyable). Another first: using my "mini fall cookie cutter set" for the toppers - so adorable. I wasn't able to take any pictures but here are some from Our Best Bites.


Terrarium Love

Making little found terrariums can be as easy as 1-2-3 (as shown above). When I found this little project on Design*Sponge, I immediately got to work outside. There's really nothing like digging up soil with a spoon (i am no gardener) and pulling up moss and sprouts with bare fingers. It was a delightful time with my little sis in the woods making these little worlds. it was raining which made it even better because the soil was wet and it is funny how the rain and woods can sometimes make you feel like you don't exist anywhere outside of where you are right at that moment. I wish I had photos of the first terrarium I made because that was probably my favorite (because sometimes you could see little people walking around on the moss). But, here are three of my current little worlds sitting on my window sill.

For the Love of Garland

I enjoy making garland of all types. I especially love the purple and tan on this set.

A Bath

What I need in my life right now...

{all photos found at head over heals}


The last few weeks have been.... interesting.
I guess you could say it's been very obvious that we are the in middle of the semester.
School work piles up like a little boy's socks in the laundry basket...
Speaking of little boys... working lots of extra hours has left little time and energy to be productive. Needless to say, I am tired. Very tired. But, through it all, I've found little ways to bring light in and I want to share a little of that with you. Here are some things I steal away to do in the midst of the dirty-socks-school-work-laundry-load...

{take pictures of my favorite calendar when light shines on it}

{typewrite my homework assignments}

{listen to Seven Swans when it's rainy outside}

{My little sister is going to be a nurse and she has a lot more homework than I do,
i like to make her little gifts to carry her through the week}

{stitch little felt hearts for my little girls}


Where The Wild Things Are

The Long Wait is Over.
It's midnight, I sit knees to my chest and watch as the visions and dreams of Maurice Sendak, Spike Jonze, Dave Eggars and many more come to life on a Big Screen.

In prepartion and anticipation for the movie to come out, a few people noted that often times movies fall short of the expectation we build from the love of a book. Despite this fact, I KNEW without an ounce of doubt that there was not even the slightest chance that the Where The Wild Things Are movie would fall into this catagory. There are many reasons I believed this, one being that the screenplay was written by Dave Eggers. Enough Said. I told a friend that I trust this movie like I'd trust my husband. And by golly, was I right! There's nothing much I can say except "GO SEE IT" (I was in tears) I will be watching it quite a few more times in theater. 12 year old Max Records is a phenomenal actor! I want a son like him. There are SO many things I could say about this movie... but I just can't. I do want to show a few pics of the costume I put together for the midnight showing last night. I had a lot of fun with this! I wanted to keep it pretty simple, but cute.

And, here are some great sites-

We Love You So
Tell Them Anything You Want
Where The Wild Things Are
Terrible Yellow Eyes

Sneak peek...

{many more to come}



I do not know much about Ukraine or its political situation (past or present) but it does not take much to hear, feel, and see the emotion of the nation through this performance. I have never seen anything like it, and I'm sure you have not either. Please take a few minutes to watch this. Brilliance.