Untold Stories

Never when the noisiness of shuffling feet or obligatory laughs fill the spaces between door and window. Always when the other door closes and I am alone. I thought I was alone. The once frivolous pursuit of thoughts switch to peeks and glimpses of Her spilling coffee and the lines of His unmoving lips. "What is your name?" I ask. She turns the corner, her skirt lightly catches wind. "Wait!" I close my eyes. Why have they chosen a mind like mine? Selfish, buttoned up mind. I can hear Him catch Her around the corner. I imagine She runs right into his chest. Thud. There goes the coffee. I turn the corner and giggle at the sight. She hides Herself quietly, neatly behind Him. "Show me your faces." I ask politely. "Show me your faces." I ask a little less politely. Fumbling with the chain, He opens his copper pocket watch; it reads: "Tell them the story."


pretty colors

My lovely gal pal recently shared this little treasure of a site with me. Do take a minute or two to create something pretty to share! in light of my undying love for mr. sendak's little boy, max... it's no surprise this is what i came up with for my first piece.


sleepy, beneath clouds

Please take a peak at my new photo blog!


dear mr. sunshine

My first, and certainly not my last, stop motion film. Very very short film. I thought I should start with something little before taking on bigger ideas. Enjoy for now and stay tuned for more in the hopefully near future. Good night!


Neopolitan Dreams

First day back to school- let the procrastination begin :)
Here is a lovely young bright eyed lady I started listening to recently.
Lisa Mitchell's music is like sunshine in a silver locket.
Her videos are equally as endearing.